Organic Certified


All our Goji Berries are certified Organic and are tested to be pesticide and radiation free!

Goji Berries

We are pleased to introduce the world's greatest superfood - the goji berry!  Goji berries are small red berries that grow in the remote areas of Tibet and Mongolia. They have been eaten by locals for almost 2,000 years for their delicious taste and powerful goji health benefits.

Naturally Goji only source premium quality goji berries from Tibet. We recommend eating the real Tibetan Goji berries as nature intended, to ensure maximum nutritional properties. Goji berry fruit has significantly higher vitamin C and antioxidants than goji juice, which is often diluted with other fruit juices, water, flavours and preservatives.

Our Tibetan Goji berries are grown chemical-free and are the best tasting on the market! We package our berries in air-tight resealable foil bags which seals in freshness and preserves nutritional values.

Naturally Goji is also available in Australia. If you are in or near Australia you can visit our Australian site by clicking on the flag below.

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