Goji berries are used in traditional Chinese medicine as a sexual potency food of the highest order. If you think oysters can boost your sex drive, wait until you try a handful of goji berries! Taking the berry orally increases androgen levels in the blood, which increases energy levels.

An old Chinese proverb warned married men not to eat goji berries when traveling far from home;

'He who travels one thousand miles from home should not eat goji berries.'

Goji berries have also traditionally been used for the treatment of infertility. Modern science is just starting to explain how some compounds in goji berries can assist fertility. There may be many complex reasons why couples can't conceive, and we make no claims that the goji berry is a cure for fertility. However, a study in 2002 showed that the polysaccharides of the goji berry actually prevented structural damage and cell death to testicular cells. The findings of this study support the traditional use of goji berries to assist in the treatment of infertility.

This medical study is contained in the United States of America, National Library of Medicine:

Protective effect of Fructus Lycii polysaccharides against time and hyperthermia-induced damage in cultured seminiferous epithelium , published in J Ethnopharmacol. 2002 Oct;82(2-3):169-75.

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